Rates & Cancellation Policy

There's a lot to read here, but my aim is to be as clear as possible.


Lessons are one-on-one and awesome! You get 100% of my focus, experience and energy. Lesson fees are:

Full-hour lesson: $70
Half-hour lesson: $35


Fees are due at the beginning of each month for all your scheduled lessons. Your lesson fees will be deducted automatically from the credit card you have on file, plus a minimal transaction fee. I try to automate this process as much as possible so I can spend my time focusing on students and lesson plans instead of administrative tasks.

If paying up-front for the month is financially challenging, please let me know. I'm flexible, and don't want anyone to miss out!

NOTE: Drop-in lessons booked after the first of the month must be paid for immediately after booking. No exceptions. My system will email you an invoice and will deduct the booked lesson(s) from your credit card on file. Please be sure you can attend the lesson before booking.

Please read the cancellation policy below so there are no misunderstandings.


Weekly & bi-weekly students:

  • Lesson fees will not be refunded or credited upon cancellation.
  • Failure to provide 24 hours notice prior to cancellation will result in forfeiture of your lesson fee. No make-up credit. No exceptions
  • A no-show/no-call will result in forfeiture of your lesson fee.
  • If a lesson is cancelled with at least 24 hrs notice, a make-up credit (see "make-up lessons" below) will be issued which can be used on another day.


Drop-in students:

For students who have not yet reserved a regular spot on my schedule, or who drop in occasionally:

  • A minimum of 72 hours (3 full days) notice is required when canceling a lesson, so please, please be sure you can attend the lesson before booking it!
  • Failure to provide 72 hours notice prior to cancellation will result in forfeiture of your lesson fee. No make-up credit. No exceptions. This is so I can (hopefully) book another student into your cancelled spot...
  • A no-show/no-call will result in forfeiture of your lesson fee.

Make-up  Lessons

  • Make-up credits are issued automatically in the Student Portal if you cancel your lesson with a minimum 24 hrs notice.
  • Your make-up credits are valid for six months! Please use them before they expire.
  • You can schedule up to two make-up lessons in any calendar month.
  • There will be two regular make-up spots on my calendar each week, available to reserve from the Student Portal on a first come first served basis.
  • Additional make-up spots will likely appear during the week. Book ‘em while they’re hot.

IMPORTANT: Make-up credits cannot be applied to your next month's bill or be used to pay for a regularly scheduled lesson. You will need to find a different spot on the calendar to make up your lesson.

Vacation or Planned Absence

If you need to miss a lesson (or multiple lessons) for a vacation, business trip, or any other reason, the lesson is still billable, regardless of advance cancellation notice. No exceptions. This does not mean you lose your lesson fee! You will still receive a make-up credit for any lesson cancelled with at least 24-hrs notice.

Teacher Cancellations & Vacations

In the event I have to cancel a lesson on you, your fee will be credited to the next month’s lessons or refunded. Your choice. And of course, you don’t pay for lessons during my scheduled vacations.


If you decide to quit drum lessons, please provide as much notice as possible; 2 weeks or more is a common courtesy. I don't want to charge you for lessons you don't plan to take. There will be no refunds for any prepaid lessons remaining on account, so please plan accordingly.

Rates and policies subject to change without notice.