Teaching Rhythm For All Instruments – Joel Rothman

This is an excellent source for learning to read rhythmic notation. Around here we just call it “Rothman,” and it’s a requirement for all beginning drum students. Mr. Rothman presents the material in such a simple and logical way, that my students can literally read music from day one. The lessons become progressively more interesting and challenging as we move from quarter notes to 8th notes, 16th notes, triplets, etc. Honestly, my kids really love working from this book.

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Eric Hassler

Eric Hassler is a drummer and drum teacher in Phoenix, AZ. He teaches a wide range of students, young and old, from absolute beginners to advanced players, 6 days a week from his humble, but well-equipped home studio. If you're considering drum lessons in the Phoenix area, and looking for an encouraging, patient, fun instructor, look no further!