A Funky Primer for the Rock Drummer

A Funky Primer for the Rock Drummer

Ah, the Funky Primer! I believe this was my very first drum set method book… I still have my copy from the 1970’s!

This book is primarily for beginning and intermediate drummers, but I regularly repurpose pages of this book to make it challenging even for advanced drummers. The first few sections cover basic notation reading and practically every 8th-note variation that can be played on the kick drum, then delves into 16th-note grooves and exercises, and even some 16th-note triplet exercises, very John Bonham-like.

Although Funky Primer is an older book, it’s still musically relevant, and is required for all my beginning students. It’s a great book to start your drumming journey.

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Eric Hassler

Eric Hassler is a drummer and drum teacher in Phoenix, AZ. He teaches a wide range of students, young and old, from absolute beginners to advanced players, 6 days a week from his humble, but well-equipped home studio. If you're considering drum lessons in the Phoenix area, and looking for an encouraging, patient, fun instructor, look no further!