A Funky Primer for the Rock Drummer

A Funky Primer for the Rock Drummer

Ah, the Funky Primer! I believe this was my very first drum set method book… I still have my copy from the 1970’s!

This book is primarily for beginning drummers, but ventures into some intermediate funk territory. The first few sections cover basic notation reading and pretty much every 8th note variation that can be played on the kick drum.

Although Funky Primer is an older book, it’s still musically relevant, and is required for all my beginning students. It’s a great book to start your drumming journey.

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Eric Hassler

Eric Hassler is a drummer and drum teacher in Phoenix, AZ. He teaches a wide range of students, young and old, from absolute beginners to advanced players, 6 days a week from his humble, but well-equipped home studio. If you're considering drum lessons in the Phoenix area, and looking for an encouraging, patient, fun instructor, look no further!